Annual Oil Protection

Advance Rust & Underbody Sound Protection

Is a Proven advance chemical formulation that out performs like no other rust and underbody sound protection treatment. It is a high performance rust preventative compound designed to provide a protection barrier sealing out moisture, salt and other possibly corrosive substances from attacking even the most recessed and vulnerable metal surfaces of your vehicle.

Advance Rust Protection

When professionally applied, credits a permanent protective coating in all panels and inner body surface, where it’s creeping action penetrates into seams and crevices where damaging RUST begins.

Advance Underbody Sound Protection

Provides a clean, safe and durable protection and unlike other products, will not drip, crack or peel when professionally applied. It’s thick coating also reduces outside noise for a quieter more comfortable ride.

Advance New Car Package

No one take more seriously than Advance Rust Protection. An annual application will preserve and protect your vehicle against inner body rust through for life.

Advance Oil Protection is an advance chemical formulation that out performs like no other rust proofing treatment.

Advance Oil Protection utilizes the most advanced trained technicians certified annually.

Advance Oil Protection is clean, dripless, odourless and even environmentally friendly.

Advance Oil Protection displaces moisture and therefore can be applied in any weather condition.

Advance Oil Protection lifts moisture and creeps into the inner seams and crevices complete protection.

The Ultimate Advance Protection Against Rust For Life


vacuuming seat

Auto detailing is one of the most common services that car owners frequent. At Advance Rust proofing and car detailing in Toronto we take pride in how a car, truck or SUV leaves our detailing shop after we have worked on it. From hand car washes to complete car detailing packages and even interior shampoos, here our car detailing experts meticulously clean your vehicles and get back its shine!

Some of our detailing services include:

Car detailing
Engine shampoo
Interior vacuum
Complete auto detailing service
Vehicle Fabric and leather treatments
Salt removal
Seasonal detailing
Interior car shampoo
Dash and consul wipe downs and detailing
And more!